PANASONIC Stereo Headphones with XBS Port, Integrated Volume Controller, RP-HT227-K


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Style:Over Ear Sport with Volume Control

Product Description

The Panasonic RP-HT227 headphones combine high-quality sound with supreme comfort to achieve unmatched value. 28 millimeter drivers combined with neodymium magnets deliver clear, precise midst and highs while an xbs port powers up full, robust bass. The built-in xbs port magnifies low-frequency sound, delivering powerful, robust bass similar to what you’d hear in higher-priced headphones and brings alive your favorite dance tunes or action movies. A controller built in to the headphones cord lets you easily adjust volume—ideal for quickly lowering volume on your computer or portable music device. Headphones lightweight construction and soft, padded ear cups give the RP-HT227 Its comfortable feel but they’re snug enough to stay put when the music gets you moving. Includes a long, 6. 6-Foot cord that threads comfortably through clothing and bags. These headphones foldable design lets you neatly pack them for travel or storage. A convenient plug adapter is included so you can not only connect to portable audio Mini jacks but also home systems with standard-sized connectors.

Looking for a lightweight home headphone? The RP-HT227 might be just what you’re looking for! With padded, noise filtering earpads and an inline volume control, the RP-HT227s are built to bring you a world of rich sound and comfortable enjoyment. They’re also foldable, so when you’re done, they pack away for easy storage.

The 9.8 foot long cord allows for flexible movement around your room, and because they are XBS compatible, you’ll enjoy the thumping bass offered by Panasonic XBS-enabled audio gear. There’s an included converter plug so you can plug into portable audio systems with a mini-jack plug or home systems with a standard size connector. Step into a world of vibrant sound with the RP-HT227. Frequency Response (Hz-kHz) 18-22.

What’s in the Box
RP-HT227 monitor headphones, user guide


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