Gallen bites back over Johnson accusation


Sharks captain Paul Gallen was critical of Valentine Holmes’ decision to leave the club mid-contract.Source:AAP

Paul Gallen reignited the Valentine Holmes debate in welcoming former Warriors’ halfback Shaun Johnson to the club.

The Sharks signing of Johnson on a three-year-deal went some way towards covering for the loss of Holmes, who is chasing a career in the NFL.

Gallen was a vocal critic of Holmes’ decision believing he left the club in a hole by leaving with a year to run on his contract and it appears he hasn’t softened his stance.

Its amazing how some do not see the difference between player and club mutually agreeing to separate to benefit both parties, happens multiple times a year or someone just walking out on a club,” Gallen tweeted in response to the Sharks signing Joshnson.

“Key words, “mutually agreeing”, “walking out” there’s a big difference.”

Some feel Gallen is being hypocritical, as the Sharks signed Johnson, after he reportedly told the Warriors he did not want to play for them anymore.

The Warriors denied forcing Johnson out of the club, with CEO Cameron George maintaining that Johnson demonstrated that he didn’t want to play for the team in 2019.

This could be considered very similar to Holmes telling Sharks’ management that he did not want to play for the Sharks in 2019 and instead chase a contract in the NFL.

Shaun Johnson’s signing has gone some way to making up for the loss of Valentine Holmes.

Shaun Johnson’s signing has gone some way to making up for the loss of Valentine Holmes.Source:Supplied

Gallen believes the two situations are completely different and stood by his comments about Holmes in welcoming Johnson to the club.

“Well talk about a silver lining,” Gallen tweeted.

“Maybe some luck in the timing of this one but we need some luck atm. Good news Sharks fans will be great having a player like Shaun at the club.”

While Gallen denied any hypocrisy on his and the Sharks’ behalf, he hoped Johnson’s signing would allow all parties the chance to move on.

“Few facts in this one however I think it’s time we all moved on,” Gallen tweeted.

“Decisions were made Tuesday, I had my say my opinion won’t change but there’s always a silver lining we now are able to give someone else an opportunity, we’ll be fine. Up up Cronulla. Good luck Val.”


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