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Apple, Amazon deny report that Chinese spy chips infiltrated their hardware

Apple and Amazon denied that they were targets of Chinese spying, after a report Thursday alleged surveillance microchips had been inserted into their data center equipment during the manufacturing process. The


Colleges reportedly drop Huawei equipment to appease Trump administration

Major US colleges are reportedly replacing equipment made by Huawei and other Chinese suppliers to escape the Trump administration’s wrath. Schools all over the country responded to President Donald Trump

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Shutdown: Government sites with lapsed security certificates pose risk

The government shutdown, now in its 22nd day, appears to be having an affect on the security of federal websites. Netcraft, a UK-based web security company, found dozens of US


Weather Channel app accused of deceptively amassing user location data

Partly cloudy with a chance of lost privacy. That might be the forecast if you’re using an app to check the weather. The city attorneys of Los Angeles on Thursday


John McAfee’s ‘unhackable’ Bitcoin wallet is hackable, company admits

Two weeks ago, it seemed safe to say that John McAfee’s supposedly ‘unhackable’ cryptocurrency wallet had been hacked. (It’s been nearly four weeks since the first security researchers reached that