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Tal Oppenheimer, a Chrome product manager, described Chrome privacy changes at the Google I/O show.

Google Chrome cracks down on cookies that track you online

  Safari did it. Firefox did it. Brave did it. Now Google Chrome, too, is trying to curtail privacy problems posed by cookies — the small text files websites store


Google wants to help you pronounce words like ‘onomatopoeia’ correctly, report says

Google is reportedly working on a feature that could spare you from embarrassing mispronunciations.  The search giant may roll out a feature that shows you how to pronounce a word

5G will unlock whole new applications — here are the most promising

Dear Maggie, I’ve been hearing so much about 5G wireless. Is it just about having faster internet? Will it really be that different from 4G? Thanks, Happy with 4G This


Amazon unveils yet another store concept: Amazon 4-star

Amazon apparently isn’t done testing out new store concepts. On Wednesday, the company introduced Amazon 4-star, a physical store in New York’s SoHo neighborhood that includes products that’re rated 4

Apple CEO Tim Cook Kicks Off Worldwide Developers Conference

Apple’s clash with Facebook and Google: What you need to know

If you want a sense of how much power Apple holds over Silicon Valley, take a look at what the iPhone maker did to Google and Facebook this week. On